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toronto living experience in canada

toronto canada you will live withcreate and share with others alike

$130 USD x five day exploration

what you will explore

during your five day toronto living experience you'll meet with and live privately with others alike in the heart of toronto where you may explore, experience, and do things you never planned to

other people experience

🤾‍♂️ meaningful relationships

😜 an increasingly positive view on life

🤯 new things about toronto canada

things to know

📳 wifi

🚫 free cancellation

🛏 body care essentials

📺 movies 

💧 hot and cold water

🙋 communal area

🏊‍♀️ swim

💪 gym

🚬 no smoking

🥑 private bed

government id

we'll notify you when this opens...

where you will explore

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