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data policy

1. Private data collection & use

When using Pavleu, you securely give us your name, email address, and some personal data.

Pseudonyms or incorrect information may affect the way your needs are fulfilled.

We do not disclose your account details unnecessarily. It is however your responsibility to keep your data secure.

Upon using pavleu you agree to all our terms and have researched pavleu before using, joining, or partnering with pavleu. You agree that you as a customer or not shall not sue or counter sue pavleu, and in the case of a lawsuit against pavleu all legal costs shall be paid by you.

We collect personal data about you when you provide it to us, and when necessary to capture key information.

The personal data collected may be used to :


-Provide, administer, and improve Pavleu

-Better understand & personalise your needs

-Fulfil requests you make

-Personalise your experience

-Provide service announcements

-Provide you with information and offers from Pavleu

-Protect, investigate, and deter against fraudulent, harmful, unauthorised, or illegal activity and comply with legal obligations


2. Our shipping, pricing, refunds, & membership

As a customer, the amount you pay is based on your desired needs and availability on

Some physical purchases are expected to be shipped globally within one week (seven days) from the day of your first purchase based on your location, while recurring orders are expected to be shipped monthly or every two months based on your desired location or preference.

information disclosure

3. Data collection & disclosure

We do not share, sell, or otherwise publicise the personal information of our users

In the limited circumstances we may share some information with appropriate privacy safeguards with:


-Employees and Independent Contractors

-Hosting Services

-Managed Email Services

-Customer Communications

-Credit or Debit Card Information

-Customer Service

-Anonymous Data


-Legal requirements

-To Protect Rights and Property

-With your consent

-Aggregated and De-Identified Information

Pavleu may use pavleu's and other third party services to track and store user information when necessary.

The personal data collected is currently processed internationally across several countries and regions, the data collected may be stored with Pavleu.

This data may however be processed by pavleu's staff operating remotely or otherwise.

Your data are securely stored with pavleu.


4. Security regarding your personal data and pavleu properties

You are responsible for the security, integrity and authorised usage of personal information and for providing any required data subject rights and fair processing notices required for the collection and usage of such personal information.

You have the right to decline a request, restrict access, request or update your personal Data.

All transactions are processed using pavleu and other third party services and systems, if you believe your data such as your card, or bank information has been compromised please contact us through the contact method included in Pavleu.

Pavleu's property is to be handled with care and attention, where pavleu property is lost, damaged, confiscated, abused, misused or stolen, pavleu will be compensated appropriately.

To ensure your needs get fulfilled, kindly provide all the necessary information. All unfulfilled inactive needs, requests, or orders will expire shortly from the time it was created.

5. data storage and process

Pavleu processes data across the world and may transfer your personal information outside of your country.


Globally, when we transfer your personal information to a location outside of you location, we will make sure that (i) there is a level of protection deemed adequate by pavleu, or (ii) that the relevant Standard contractual clauses are in place or (ii) we comply with Data Privacy Framework as applicable to data transfers and, or (iii) we use another legally recognised transfer mechanism in the applicable jurisdiction.


Pavleu may share personal information with third parties under certain circumstances described in this policy to third parties acting as agents who help us run our business and provide services, and pavleu is not liable should a third party acting as our agent process personal information subject or related to this policy in a manner inconsistent with this policy.


6. Rights & choices

You have certain rights with respect to your personal Data, and we are available to help you review and update your information to ensure it is accurate and updated.

We may share information about you in the limited circumstances & with appropriate privacy safeguards outlined below:


-Right to rectification

-Right to data portability

-Right to erasure / Right to be forgotten

-Right to complain

-Right to restriction of processing / Withdrawal of consent

-Right to close your account



7. Damages and tickets

We are not liable for any driving violations, tickets incurred or damages to you or your vehicle that may arise before or after a pavleu advertising display has been mutually installed securely on your vehicle by pavleu (installer, partner) or yourself.

When an uninstall is due, and If a pavleu property held by you from pavleu is not returned by you, your deposit will be held permanently and the applicable authorities (police, etc) may be involved...

Pavleu is not liable for any damages, fire, or changes to your home, location, or office after pavleu electricity (pavleu electric) has been installed securely and mutually inspected by pavleu, its agents and the customer, guardian present, and (or) all parties involved...

account and membership

8. Inactive accounts

If your Account (experience, ads, drive, etc) is canceled or inactive for twelve (12) or more consecutive months, all unused or unredeemed needs will expire. You may not be able to have further needs fulfilled without an active account, Pavleu may also permanently close the account and cease maintaining your records and access to the Pavleu. To reactivate your information, account or membership, kindly contact us.

9. Missed installations

For pavleu electricity or similar products that may require the customer to be present, after multiple failed installations as a result of you (the customer) not showing up, being present, or restricting access to pavleu at the scheduled installation date, you will be unable to schedule further installations with pavleu till further notice...


10. Changes to Pavleu & its policies

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time.

We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on our privacy practices.

If we make material changes to this policy, you may or may not be notified via email or otherwise in some manner that we deem reasonable.

Any modifications to this or any policy will be effective once published or upon our posting of the new terms and (or) upon implementation of the new changes or as otherwise indicated at the time of posting or on the effective date set forth in the modified policy.

In all cases, your continued use of the Pavleu or the Pavleu website ( after the posting of any modified policy indicates your acceptance of the terms of the modified policy (ies).

We will ask for your consent before using your information for a purpose that is not covered in this policy...

11. Legal notice

Pavleu and all the contents provided by Pavleu is protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property laws and treaties

11.1 Copyrights

The copyrights in the content on our service are owned by Pavleu. If you believe your or someone else’s copyrights are being infringed upon through the Netflix service, let us know


11.2 Trademarks

Pavleu, the Pavleu Logo and its are trademarks of Pavleu Ltd. Unless you have our permission, do not use the Pavleu marks as your own or in any manner that implies sponsorship or endorsement by Pavleu.

A product branded with the Pavleu name or logo is a reflection of Pavleu. Unless you are one of our licensees, we don’t allow others to make, sell, or give away anything with our name or logo on it.


11.3 Third Party Notices

Pavleu applications, software development kits (SDKs) and other pavleu products may contain software available under open source or free software licenses (“Open Source Software”). Pavleu do not intentionally alter any rights or obligations you may have under those open source software licenses. 


Feel free to reach us on

Updated on 14 . April . 2024

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