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focus, your life depends on it... true focus allows you to live your life purposely while saying 'no' to things unnecessary


we fulfil needs not solve problems... we must fulfil only needs that are absolutely necessary


is it profitable... the only way for a business to survive is to be profitable


keep things simple and fast... this helps us innovate faster and with better quality



On the last day of January 2014, Daniel Elijah moved to the beautiful island of North Cyprus on a mechatronics scholarship in eastern mediterranean university

Pavleu in Famagusta North Cyprus in company story.png


Originally named Nafereti and then FATE.RIOT, this fashion line launched two phases publicly out of Daniel's room... not a single apparel was sold

'Fate.riot' website in company story.jpg
Wear fateriot advertising campaign underwear illustration.jpg
Fateriot phase - 1 - rogue collection.png


here he received his first lesson on inventory, to not buy large quantities without active orders, the boxes were thrown away shortly before the pavleu name change and return to Nigeria

Excess fateriot inventory in Daniel Elijah's cyprus apartment.png
Fateriot 2D packaging box design.png
Fateriot 2D white packaging box by Daniel Elijah.png


with funds from his father, 'DARK' his feature film was produced, on 29 August Pavleu was incorporated in Nigeria, shortly after that he launched and sold a Catfish farm to his father as his first successful exit... he won the LatAm newcomers startup competition with pavleu body days after his move to Canada in 22nd-23rd November with pavleu body after his move to move to Canada where he learnt about the smug Canadian startup ecosystem

DARK first feature film poster.jpg
The making of DARK feature film by Daniel Elijah in company story.jpg
Daniel Elijah wins the newcomers latam startup competition.jpg
Daniel Elijah lived on a couch as a newcommer to canada.jpg
In August 2018 pavleu was first incorporated in Nigeria in company story.jpg


with 'quick monthly, massages anywhere' Daniel went door to door around Toronto promoting pavleu, this was another learning moment and pavleu needed to be funded, so without asking if truly there was any need for backup power he designed the modular inbuilt solar tile, the first ever device to automatically reduce electric bills

Pavleu quick monthly massages anywhere in company story.jpg
Pavleu quick massage sticker in company story.jpg
Pavleu 'modular inbuilt solar tile' invention concept drawing in company story.jpg


Pavleu became incorporated federally in Canada, and out the shared bathroom suite was born the MIST 1.0 and MIST 2.0 in may and July... after getting into a few startup incubators this peaked the interest of a few investors which after being shown the modular inbuilt solar tile Intellectual property ghosted Daniel and In November 'tasks on your behalf' was launched and acquired over 987 users within 15 days

Pavleu mist concept prototype in company story.jpg
Pavleu mist prototype in company story.jpg
Pavleu mist 1.0 (modular inbuilt solar tile) in company story.png
Pavleu assistant app banner in company story.png
Pavleu mist 2.0 (modular inbuilt solar tile) in company story.png


the year of time wasting pivots... after several delays, unnecessary developments by pavleu for web, forced updates apple and mostly google on 'tasks on your behalf' pavleu pivoted to advice, money without interest and eventually the dissolution of the short lived service due to scale, poor pricing and not enough money to continue

Paveu money without interest in company story.jpg
Pavleu private voice calls in company story.png


literally working into the new year from the infamous brown couch as Daniel creates pavleu coverage for damages... shortly after, renew for recurring needs and the pavleu electric station concept was also created... on 7 February Daniel and pavleu moves out of the brown couch to a private room

Pavleu injury coverage in company story.png
Pavleu amphibious travel in company story.png
Pavleu renew in company story.png
Pavleu electricity in company story.png
Pavleu mist 3.0 (modular inbuilt solar tile) in company story.png


we continue to create, acquire, and operate solutions to recurring needs profitably with shop, ads (car, print), coverage, real estate, electric stations etc

Pavleu renew.png
Pavleu real estate.png
Pavleu electricity.png
Pavleu explore.png


pavleu becomes more focused with experiences and investments that fulfil needs...

pavleu jollof
pavleu egusi
pavleu ads car ad image.png
pavleu paylater
pavleu mist 4.0.png


daniel chinedu elijah agbom

we keep things simple, even the hard things... we believe anyone should always be able to understand pavleu the first time

Daniel Chinedu Elijah Pavleu.png


some things we measure

6,000+ hours saved, 10,000+ people helped, and available in over 180 countries


partners we've worked with

sometimes when we need help advancing our mission of fulfilling recurring needs profitably we work with some partners shown here or elsewhere

friends of esther.png


some of our past creations

chances are... you've probably seen, heard or used a product we helped build. Some failed and some succeeded, either way learn from both outcomes

Card Mock.png
pavleu payment 2_2.png
pavleu payment 1_2.png
pavleu drive.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 8.29.39 PM.png
Pavleu home screen.png
mist top.webp
pavleu chat short.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 8.22.53 PM.png
Pavleu audio screen 1.png
pavleu talk2.png


sometimes we get talked about

Here are some third party stories on pavleu, in thehiltonian, fairmont post, ryerson university and on pavleu's plog (blog)

Pavleu in the hiltonian.png
Daniel Elijah with the MIST 2.0 in fairmont post news company story.png
Pavleu featured in ryerson clean energy zone.png

a multinational conglomerate that acquires assets & creates businesses fulfilling needs...

pavleu company avatar.png
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