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experienced guidance from people who've been there...

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start your annual membership

  • 99US$
    Every year
    After your free trial, pavleu experience is just $8/month, make better experienced decisions
     2 day free trial
    • Watch in Ultra HD 4K+
    • Over 400 minutes+ of experiences
    • Watch on 20+ devices at a time
    • 2 Day free trial + money back guarantee
    • Experience by yourself or share with friends and family
    • Pavleu high fidelity spatial audio
    • No ads


live purposely

save years of your life with experienced guidance from people who experienced what you will, with as little as $8 monthly billed annually

2 day free trial... more than enough time to figure out if this isn't for you 😉

pavleu drive and earn
pavleu drive and earn
pavleu drive and earn
pavleu drive and earn
pavleu drive and earn
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