Pavleu Ads

Partner with pavleu to directly promote your products to our interested users

We make it simple to advertise to your customers, currently available in North America*


Specifically target users already interested in a similar product or category like yours


Targeted ads

Specifically target already interested users

When an interested customer is currently searching for your products, a used camera or a room in Bel Air for example. We suggest it first to the active customer leading to a high chance of completing a purchase.

Manage ads

Manage, update or cancel existing ads

Here you simply submit a ticket to manage, update or cancel your ad(s), the request is received & subsequently executed.

Ad type
I'm a/an

Not age restricted

The ad must be viewable by users of all age

Free from copyright

The ad and it's contents must be fully owned by you

Clear message

The submitted ad must be easily understandable by it's intended audience

Public url

The URL included must be easily accessible to pavleu ads

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