Story time

"The great stories never end" - Daniel


George I. | Pavleu Stays

"Did you book this place with that?

...I think i saw it in a movie where you could say what you wanted to your device & it does it immediately"

Ola O. | Pavleu Shop

"Sh*t that's soo cool. Imagine how much time i can save on online shopping...  Well i need to save time when i shop"

Daniel E. | Pavleu Plan

"I usually always end up working late, if i could have a clone or affordable assistant that saves me time by doing all this work so i could get more done, I'd appreciate that"

George M. | Pavleu Docs

"I don't like all that phone call and filling forms sh*t, i wish i could pay someone to do all that"


Piecing together our future with actions from the front lines of human aided technology 


Here's a snippet of what pavleu is

Our partners & investors

Daniel Elijah

Ryerson University

Clean energy zone


Pavleu was founded as a result of our founder not having enough time in the day... never finishing his schedules, he had a hunch other people might be experiencing this as well, so he asked around subtly, and to no one's surprise he was right.

Daniel Elijah grew up in Nigeria and Cyprus, moving to Cyprus at age 15, for university gave him an early but widened view of the world. At an early age associating with peer's who were most times twice his age forced him to realize the thing he wasn't noticing... the opportunity was part of a story that needed to be lived.

Maybe creating products to solve recurring problems was a way to live this story, after years of multiple fails and little success he still hasn't given up... no one's expecting him to, even after moving to Canada at 19.

But how does this story end? We still don't know if it will.



Pavleu's new updates & what we've been up to ;)

At Pavleu we're creating a future to help you live more comfortably.

Imagine a world where each task you needed could be done on your behalf with minimal or no effort on your part.

You could make phone calls, plan events, write emails, purchase or even build homes without ever being present.

Mist 2.0, July 2020 - sold out

After subsequent improvements to the mist 1.0 the mist 2.0 was developed to be much smaller but with three (3%) percent more power, five times lighter & more affordable.

The mist helps users automatically reduce their electric bills by connecting solar panels or wind turbine for simultaneous off-grid & grid-tie applications.

Mist 1.0, May 2020 - sold out

The mist 1.0 was the first version of the modular inbuilt solar tile launched in may 2020 after months of research on ways to get more out of your regular solar panels the mist 1.0 was conceived.

A device which automatically reduce your electric bills by sending excess energy back to the grid.

With the successful launch of mist 1.0 we were able to get admitted to Ryerson university's clean energy zone.

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