Since you've been gone


Where countries is pavleu currently available in?

We're currently available in over 150 countries and growing, if we're not in your country let us know...

How do i invite friends, businesses and family?

In the pavleu app, you can invite other users by clicking the invite button at the top right corner of your screen

How do i get hired at pavleu?

Simjply send an email to pavleu@hotmail.com or DM us on instagram, twitter, etc

How can I invest in pavleu?

Simply email pavleu@hotmail.com

We spent nine (9) months developing a product you never got to use

We built pavleu money, a peer to peer global money transfer as easy as a text, private voice calls, dynamic adaptive cloud storage, and an advice/counselling platform for people seeing personalized experienced advice... While doing this it grew apart from the original idea of saving people time paired with multiple issues and error encountered during development... After considering the best path forward we decided to exit from it by allowing it to live on in better suited hands

In February 2020 we incorporated pavleu in Toronto, Canada

After incorporaing pavleu in August 2016 in Lagos Nigeria, pavleu was subsequently incorporated in Toronto Canada in February 2020

When did pavleu launch in Canada?

Pavleu's first Canadian version "tasks done on your behalf" was launched after a three (3+) month development and gained 987+ users within fifteen (15) days of launch in November 2020 proving a real need for our solution

What happened to 'Money without interest'?

We shut it down because we lacked the necessary funds to scale properly