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Save time, delegate tasks and it's stress with research, management, hiring, & operations


Record, listen and meet new voices from people all around the world


Scalably store, share and access files of various types remotely


Schedule public or private reminders so you never miss out on important events


Your fans, friends or foes can send you money on pavleu audio


Talk with your friends, and meet new people around the world faster



Pavleu provides Data research reports, planning, hiring and management of operations to help you work faster

Data research & predictive reports
Data research & predictive reports

Who uses pavleu?

People with valuable time use pavleu to do more & save time

Book writing collaboration

My team & i cut two (2) days of work down to 1 hour, this made the writing of my new book much quicker

Anurag Patel, Writer

Furniture design trends

Hesitant at first but now my team & I use this regularly when performing furniture design trend research.

Anthony Oliviera, Tony's furniture

Weekend stay booked easier

Usually i book weekend getaways with Airbnb, it's stressful enough trying to settle on one listing, i just sent a voice note which saved me at least 30 minutes.

Vicky Lee, Ryerson University

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