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Pavleu update 26 may 2022

05:15 PM, EST | 26 May 2022

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Pavleu update - May 26 | 8:51am (new)

Rather than making recurring orders by just typing in an email and (+,) what’s to be renewed monthly, membership is only required for coverage as renew orders can be made just by selecting a product’s frequency when buying it 


Pavleu is still bootstrapped, and despite being in talks with google for startups, a16z, cannie awards and the r.a.i.s.e program… It’s common with a lot of YCombinator applicants to be passed on before ‘blowing everyone out of the water’, in this YC S22 batch we didn’t have to give away 7% of pavleu, pavleu is still being bootstrapped…


It’s alright as pavleu continues to grow the preconceived notions will be toppled as they were in the past as pavleu establishes its electric division as part of our future plan…

Coverage related update

05:15 PM, EST | 15 Apr 2022 - 08:40 PM, EST | 19 Apr 2022


Pavleu renew update - April 19 | 3:56pm (new)

You can now place or make order recurring orders by just typing in your email and (+,) what you need renewed monthly

Fintrac meeting - April 14 2022 | 12:00pm

Pavleu was contacted by Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada to clarify some information about pavleu, this was as a result of a concern being raised by a random individual who has never been a user of pavleu coverage or any pavleu products


Fintrac meeting update - April 14 2022 | 3:00pm

Pavleu has now been cleared by Fintrac as it relates to insurance with the suggested changes and updates made to pavleu within three hours of the call with Daniel Elijah (Pavleu founder) and Dmitrii M (Fintrac compliance officer market conduct)


As of April 14 2022 pavleu has been streamlined to coverage and renew, this is to ensure pavleu stays focused on satisfying our customers properly


Pavleu coverage update - April 14 | 5:55pm

While subject to eventual change, since launching pavleu coverage we have acquired about two hundred and twenty two (222) coverage users and four (4) coverage members while growing at around four (4) customers daily


Pavleu renew update - April 14 | 5:55pm

Pavleu renew is now live for public use, we will continue to improve renew to ensure customers are continually satisfied with renew and pavleu generally

In the news : the pavleu of time

07:07 PM, EST | 11 Jan 2022

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...“Time is so valuable, you have no idea,” he says.

While juggling multiple ideas (or so it seems) it seems like he’s making his mind on the spot. He has been talking (and doing) about saving people time for several years, and his desire to find the best and optimal solution has seemed like a waste of time.

We will see how it goes, whether he’s

a) The visionary bent on saving people time forces Americans to become explorers again or

b) A man…boy so distracted by vision that his life’s work is a series of brilliant disappointments...

In the news : saving time...

03:00 PM, EST | 11 Jan 2022

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"Pavleu has to work, all my chips are on the table... will be a successful company. What
we’re trying to do has been called several names and phrases, a few that drives us at pavleu is
“crazy”, “shit idea” “one in a million” ”

Many billionaires today made their money by having the foresight while the internet was still in its infancy. One
might think everything has already been solved at this point.

As you would assume doing tasks for every every user took several hours mostly and this was very tiresome
and not properly scalable, after months of working on a redesign and updating several times before even
relaunching pavleu launched quietly in January 2022 on Web(Discontinued), Apple & Android platforms to help
save people time with personalized advice/counselling from people that can relate...

Send money as easy as a text

05:07 PM, EST | 02 Jan 2022

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"Money as easy as text" lets users send borderless money to anyone with an account in less than a second

This was created but wasn't launched as we had limited resources at pavleu to get it to the point of public use.

Unlike companies like stripe, venmo or cashapp etc this worked in several countries and wasn't limited to a particular location.

Tasks fulfilled on your behalf

04:59 PM, EST | 02 Jan 2022


"Tasks fulfilled on your behalf" was our most adopted solution initially launched in November 2022 and acquired 985+ users within 15 days of launch, it helped prepare research reports, etc delivered in PDF. It was highly requested by University professors, especially in Canada.

We pivoted from it because it wasn't readily scalable and required too much time on our end per customer however we did learn to keep things simple and even if a solution is highly valuable scalability shouldn't be ignored especially with limited resources.

It does however have several applications such as a 'customer service help platform', an 'e-commerce store app', and a few you could easily imagine left unmentioned here...

How valuable is time to you? ⌚

09:59 AM, EST | 03 Sep 2020

Big Ben

"Time is the most valuable resource in life" so why don't a lot of people use it wisely?

Listening to a podcast the host emphasized the commonality of the phrase "i don't have time" which is currently still so widely used.

However with the realization that time is life wouldn't it be wrong to assume you didn't have the time to do something or fulfil a task or promise?

With this realization, wouldn't it be right to say "i used my time for something else"?

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Mist 2.0, Launched on July 2020 - sold out

After subsequent improvements to the mist 1.0 the mist 2.0 was developed to be much smaller but with three (3%) percent more power, five times lighter & more affordable.

The mist helps users automatically reduce their electric bills by connecting solar panels or wind turbine for simultaneous off-grid & grid-tie applications.


Mist 1.0, Launched on May 2020 - sold out

The mist 1.0 was the first version of the modular inbuilt solar tile launched in may 2020 after months of research on ways to get more out of your regular solar panels the mist 1.0 was conceived.

A device which automatically reduce your electric bills by sending excess energy back to the grid.

With the successful launch of mist 1.0 we were able to get admitted to Ryerson university's clean energy zone.