Frequently asked questions


How long does an expert advisory session last?

An expert advisory session lasts for 10 minutes. As pavleu's technology integrates well with real humans, this 10 minute is filled with the necessary advice needed to save you valuable time either through a call or all in pavleu

Where is pavleu located?

We're currently available in over 150 countries and in 5 major languages (english, french, turkish, german, and spanish) with room for more

How do i invite friends, businesses and family?

In the pavleu app, you can invite other users with or without pavleu accounts by clicking the invite button at the top right corner of your screen

How do i get hired at pavleu?

Simply apply through this website or on linkedin and if you're the right fit at the time of your application you'll join us in building a more comfortable future

When can i cashout received payments?

It varies, however you can receive payments usually within a day or a week

What countries can i transact money with?

Depending on the country you have a bank account set up you should be able to send and receive money from individuals in over 50 countries

How is my self worth calculated?

The self worth indicator is calculated daily based on your popularity, vital need and offering

How long do lounge audio messages last?

Each audio message lasts for 24 hours before being deleted forever

How long do lounge audio snippets last?

Each lounge audio snippet lasts for 24 hours and is visibly publicly by default unless you restrict access.

How much does an expert advice session cost?

A 10 minute expert advisory session costs £5

Is drive free?

Drive is free*, as a new user you are given 1GB for free and once exhausted each new upload costs £0.1

What types of files can i upload to drive?

JPG, PNG, PDF, DOCS AND DOCX files can be uploaded to your personal storage with an expandable room for more

Can i share files?

Yes you can share files. Anyone with the link can access the shared file(s)

When employed with pavleu, where do i work?

You can work anywhere including the office... wherever we decide to work from next month. Could be Nigeria, could be France...

How can investors invest in pavleu?

Investors invest by simply reaching out to pavleu here or through other available contact methods