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get reliable electricity forever

say goodbye to unreliable electricity, noisy nights, sweaty sleeps, uncomfortable days, and the stress of purchasing fuel, petrol or gas for your generator. With pavleu electricity, you can enjoy uninterrupted electricity by making just four simple small payments rather than one large payment




select your plan
select your desired plan (elite, basic, or stater) plan based on the things you need pavleu 24h electricity for

upload proof of income
upload your proof of income to show you can make all four payments in four months with no extra fees

free delivery
after payment, we deliver to you pavleu electricity enough to power everything 24h/day without the need for external generators, etc

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basic d.webp

pay $200 in four months not $800

get enough electricity to power a medium home size or three rooms including your living area parlour and all your appliances forever, without needing to rely on generators or the unreliable grid for electricity ever again

use any of these ?

if you use any of these, pavleu is for you

petrol or gas generators

● say goodbye to the loud noise, the smell of petrol or gas, driving to the petrol station just for a few hours of electricity with pavleu electricity

national grid

● if you're in some african countries, nigeria, south africa, etc something already comes mind, pavleu puts an end to the epileptic electric supply from the national grid

solar or inverter

● going fully off grid can be expensive, and relying on just batteries, inverters and the grid can be disappointing if the batteries don't get enough electricity to stay fully charged

how this benefits you ?

some use cases that benefit you

for homes

● if you're working from home, you can get 26x times more quality work done faster with pavleu electricity

● your foodstuffs stay cool, your screens stay on, your wifi stays connected... You will never have to worry about electricity again, we come in, install and leave without you having to lift a finger

for businesses

● using pavleu electricity guarantees your business operates 8x times more profitably with lower costs, efficiently giving you more advantages than other businesses in your field

● imagine never having to worry about petrol generators, electricity from the national grid, and how this impacts your business success

for students

● if you have children, they'll now be able to study 10x times better than other students who have to deal with unreliable electricity, noisy generators or pollution

● if you are a student using pavleu electricity your chances at success increases, as the stress associated with planning around unpredictable electricity goes away when pavleu steps in

ready for electricity ?

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